usability testing

“move the discussion away from the realm of what’s right or wrong and into the realm of what works or doesn’t work”. Steve Krug

we show you videos of real people trying to complete a series of tasks on your website, app, or SaaS. test participants are asked to “think out loud” while completing the tasks, thus providing additional insights. we also analyze the videos, and give you written recommendations on how to improve the user interface.

the preparation

test participants will be required to perform a series of tasks that we prepare in accordance with your requirements.

usability testing flowchart
to achieve the best results, and to avoid pitfalls that might skew the test results, we ensure that the tasks:

  • cover all the areas to be investigated in accordance with your requirements
  • provide test participants with a problem that simulates a natural interaction with the website, app, or SaaS
  • are action-based, specific, and measurable.

flexible, rapid, and effective

the tests can be conducted on mobile phones, laptops, or desktops. we recruit 5 test participants for a maximum of 10 minutes each. after learning a lot from just a few participants, you should act on the results, redesign, and test again.

check out this example: