ui/ux review (audit)

we conduct an expert review of the user interface and flow of your website, app, or software. we then give you detailed recommendations and wireframes to illustrate the proposed design.

the expert review

the main goals that your website or app want to achieve are used as guidance for the expert review. adhering with these goals, we identify the most important tasks users need to accomplish, as well as the associated user flows. the review then covers all the pages (user interfaces) associated with each user flow.

ui/ux review flowchart
the review addresses:

  • functionality and flow
  • navigation and information architecture
  • language, labeling and consistency
  • layout and visual clarity
  • mobile usability and touchscreen users
  • error handling, forms and feedback
  • calls to action (CTA) and business acumen

for every issue identified, we provide written comments and solutions to improve the user experience.

the user interface and user flow design

a series of wireframes also illustrate the identified solutions for a better ux - this means more intuitive user interfaces and user flows. the proposed solutions are based on user-centered design and they aim to tweak your user interface rather than completely redesign it. this allows for a quicker and more effective implementation.