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Mauro Pellegrini
Founder & CEO

Life before
Between 2004 and 2013 I worked as a structural engineer in Milan, Dublin, Dubai and Singapore.

Developing an interest in UX
After moving to Singapore in 2009 I met friends involved in the local start-up community. They were regularly asking for feedback on their new projects, and I realized that helping them identify usability issues came naturally and was enjoyable to me. I took time after work to write down and share my informal (but still detailed) usability analysis.

A career change and traveling
At the end of 2013 I decided to pursue my interest in user experience and quit my job as structural engineer. During 2014 I completed two courses at the Harvard Extension School about computer science and user experience. Being that the courses were online, I had the possibility to travel while studying: San Francisco, Chicago, New York, La Paz and Buenos Aires.

About UX: what I learned and believe in
Professor Platt’s mantras at the user experience engineering course were “know your user because the user is not you”, “data is your sword and shield” and “iterate”. These are words I work by. Also Steve Krug, who gave us a remarkable lecture on usability testing and prioritizing, had a big influence with his common sense/”don’t make me think” approach on web usability. Now, for every design choice, I need to find a solid answer to the question: in which way does this help users accomplish their goals?

I work for leendii, the UX consultancy I founded in 2015.

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