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Mauro Pellegrini
Founder & CEO

websites and mobile apps with poor usability have inadequate conversion rates and a suboptimal number of returning visitors/active users. creating an effortless user interaction is one of the main avenues to boost those indicators. as such, it has a positive impact on both the users, and business owners.

usability tests and reviews are one of the best ways to help. they are an effective method that is proven in its success, also growing in recognition and adoption. however, many companies that could benefit from usability tests, don’t use them. the result is that too many websites and mobile apps are still difficult to interact with.

leendii’s mission is to provide services that make usability testing and reviewing feel more approachable and effective, thus encouraging adoption by more companies of any size and maturity.

to pursue this mission:

we combine the flexibility, economy and global reach of an online service with the detailed analysis and recommendations of a ux consultancy.

we clearly indicate the time and costs involved for each service, and show accurate examples of the expected outcome.

we provide services that apply to both existing websites and those under construction, as well as mobile apps. our services also apply to any device type, from desktops to mobile phones.

we employ usability tests that are fast, online, unmoderated and provide quantitative data that can be used for comparison between design solutions.

we don’t require any sign in, subscription or commitment. there is no monthly fee and clients only pay for the services they request.

we do it for:

companies that want to improve the usability of their websites and mobile apps (or want to analyze their competitors).

web agencies (web design/development, SEO, digital marketing) that need to improve the usability of their clients’ websites and mobile apps.