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ui/ux review (audit)

we conduct an expert review of the user interface and flow of your website, app, or SaaS. we then give you detailed recommendations and wireframes to illustrate the proposed design

usability testing

we show you videos of real people trying to complete a series of tasks on your website, app, or SaaS. we also analyze the videos, and give you written recommendations on how to improve

ux design

we create an interactive wireframe of your website, app, or SaaS that integrates ux design principles for an improved user interface, user flow, and conversion rate    .

user research

we prepare and submit online surveys to existing or potential users. we then highlight their behaviors, needs, and pain points, and give you clear data to improve your website or app    

ux for augmented reality

we provide recommendations for the organization of the holographic elements in relation to the physical world, and the choice of user interaction in relation to a task